About Devon Access to Services

This project was set up in 2009 to help people access services information and representation.

The initial project research identified a need  to help people who find it especially difficult to find information about services available to them. In particular those who have no or very limited access to the internet.  Though the numbers of people affected are reducing it is still approximately 10% of the population who cannot or do not access the internet (ONS Office for National Statistics) in Devon this could be as many as 177,000 people.  There are many reasons for this including; poverty, poor physical and mental health, disability, memory loss, lack of experience of the internet or personal choice.

We published our first guide in 2009 across North Devon and have gradually expanded the area covered in each version. This guide keeps it simple and does not overwhelm with too much information. Now expanded to cover all of Devon the aim of this listing is be an easy to use guide signposting people to services and organisations that can help.  Pages are easy to print to help people who struggle to access the internet.

DAS also identified problems with transport getting to services and we have, for many years now, been working with Community Car Schemes via the Devon Community Car Forums, providing information and support to help them continue providing their services.  If you would like any information about Community Car Schemes in your area or would like to volunteer please contact us as we would love to hear from you.

DAS also conducts research and produces reports, most recently the Social Kindness papers, highlighting the benefits and stresses of running Community Car Schemes.

To see these reports please go to our entry in this guide Devon Access To Services and go to the website.