About NDVS

About NDVS

Devon Access to Services Project is a project hosted by NDVS.

North Devon Voluntary Services (NDVS) supports voluntary, community and social enterprise type groups across North Devon.  It is our mission to:

Strengthen and champion the work of local organisations that represent, develop and support voluntary and community action.


  • Support new and existing charities, voluntary and community groups.
  • Help with information, training, partnership working, development, capacity building, forums, and special interest groups.
  • Are advocates for the local voluntary sector.
  • Maintain a database of over 600 organisations on our database, enabling us to be the gateway to Voluntary and Community groups and promote local volunteering opportunities.  See http://www.ndvs.org.uk/services/volunteering/i-want-to-volunteer-in-north-devon
  • Provide support, information and advice for volunteer-involving organisations.

To find out more about NDVS please go to www.ndvs.org.uk or call 01271 866300

NDVS is a registered Charity No 1133707 and a Company Limited by Guarantee, registered in England, no 6934618.

NDVS are members of DeVA www.devonva.org